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In the game, players control three characters – criminals Michael, Trevor and Franklin –  in the open world environment of Los Santos and nearby areas. There, players can complete missions and side-quests or participate in other optional activities.


Grand Theft Auto 5, like its predecessors, provides the player with a sandbox environment. Unlike previous installments, the open world of the game is available in its entirety. There are no barriers that prevent the player from reaching the furthest parts of the map very early in the game. The island of San Andreas is comprised of two smaller regions – a bustling city of Los Santos, inspired by real locations of Los Angeles and desert flats of Blaine County. These two make for the largest world ever in the series. Players are able to freely interact with the world of GTA V, which is filled to the brim with side activities, such as BASE jumping, golf, yoga, various types of races, store robberies and many others. Players can travel across San Andreas in various forms of transport: cars, trucks, bikes, boats, jet skis, planes, etc. Vehicles can be stolen from NPC characters or bought for in-game money.  

Franklin Clinton

For the first time in the series, players can control three characters. Michael, Franklin and Trevor interact with each other during certain missions; however, there are some which can only be done by one of them. Each of the characters possesses a set of upgradable skills, such as fighting, running, and swimming. However, one of the said skills is special to a particular character, making them better at it by default. Michael is great at shooting, Franklin is ace behind the wheel and Trevor’s Air Force experience makes him an incredible pilot. Each of the special skills can also be developed by other characters, e.g. Michael can get better at flying and Franklin at shooting. Characters of the game also possess unique skills, which serve as their “superpowers” in the game. Michael can enter bullet time while shooting, allowing him to take down opponents easier.  Franklin can do the same while driving to gain the advantage in car chases. Trevor’s angry and brutal nature allows him to enter rage mode, where he becomes nearly invulnerable and deals more damage.   

Trevor in combat

Combat in GTA V can be divided into melee and firearms fights. In the melee, players can punch, kick and guard against enemy attacks, as well as dodge them. Carefully timed dodge allows executing a counter-attack which deals great damage to the opponent. There are several melee weapons for the player to use, such as knives, baseball bats, crowbars and hammers. In firefights, players can hide behind cover to avoid enemy bullets. The aiming system can be switched from auto-aim, which automatically targets enemies to free aim, where players have more control where to shoot. Firearms in the game include pistols, shotguns, small machine guns, assault rifles, rocket and grenade launchers and various types of explosives.

Story and characters

The story of GTA V follows three men. Michael De Santa is a former bank robber, now living an empty life of a retiree in the witness protection program. Franklin Clinton is a young repo-man, dreaming of making big money. 

Michael De Santa

Trevor Phillips is an unstable individual, Michael’s former partner in crime, currently running a budding drug empire from his trailer. Events of the game take off when Michael decides to leave retirement and takes Franklin under his wings, and Trevor finds out that the friend he thought was killed in a bank job gone wrong enjoys a comfortable life in big city. A confrontation between the three will lead to encounters with corrupt law enforcement agents, Chinese drug lords and seedy land developers. 

Players’ receptions and awards for game

Grand Theft Auto 5 received universal acclaim upon release. Players were in awe of robust open world, intriguing plot and multitude of side activities. The game won several awards for Best Game and made over 1 billion dollars within three days of release. The PC version of the game was praised for the level of detail refinement and was considered worth waiting for. GTA V is not only the best game in the series so far but also one of the best games in history.

Great White Shark Cash Card

Cash Card allows a player to spend 1.25 million dollars in the multiplayer of GTA V, called GTA Online. Players can use the money on improving their apartments, buying cars and weapons as well as on other activities.

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Windows minimum requirements

<strong>Minimum:</strong><ul class='bb_ul'>
<li><strong>OS:</strong>64 Bit OS – Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 SP 1 / Windows Vista SP 2<br></li>
<li><strong>Processor:</strong>2.40 GHz – Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 2.5 GHz – AMD Phenom 9850 <br></li>
<li><strong>Memory:</strong>4 GB RAM<br> </li>
<li><strong>Graphics:</strong>1 GB VRAM – NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT / AMD Radeon HD 4870<br> </li>
<li><strong>Hard Drive:</strong>65 GB HD</li>

Windows recommend requirements

<strong>Recommend:</strong><ul class='bb_ul'>
<li><strong>OS:</strong>64 Bit OS – Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 SP 1 <br></li>
<li><strong>Processor:</strong>3.2 GHz – Intel Core i5 3470 / 4 GHz – AMD X8 FX-8350 <br></li>
<li><strong>Memory:</strong>8 GB RAM<br> </li>
<li><strong>Graphics:</strong>2 GB VRAM – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD7870<br> </li>
<li><strong>Hard Drive:</strong>65 GB HD</li>

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