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Antigraviator Steam Key RU/CIS

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What can be cooler than racing at the speed of light, unrestricted by anything, even the gravity? Antigraviator will take you straight to the year 2210, where futuristic supercars compete in the craziest races, where no holds are barred and where nobody cares about the gravity!

Welcome to the future racing world

Set in the times, when racing has evolved far beyond its expected limits, Antigraviator is an ultra-dynamic racing competition, where driving skills are as crucial as wit and reflexes. Terraforming capabilities and vast scientific discoveries in the field of antigravity allowed humans to introduce a new spectacle: the Antigraviator intergalactic tournament!

Take ultra-fast corners, slide along the circuit, use nitro-boost to leave your opponents in the dust. Play tricks on them by setting various traps along the road. Activate hover mines, create rockslides over the tunnels, fire missiles and use many other malicious tricks!

May the mayhem never end! Also remember to upgrade your vehicle, choosing from a broad set of available technical and visual improvements. Upgrade its steering, install spectacular weaponry, repaint it using the unlockable patterns. Buy new cars to find the one that suits you best.

Don’t look back!

Antigraviators incredibly dynamic gameplay can be compared to Wipeout and F-zero. The game has no speed limit, therefore it can truly become the fastest racing game ever made! There is no time to look in the mirrors when the opponents are always hot on your heels! Reach the full light-speed and prepare for the real mayhem!

Guide your Grav in a single player campaign, comprising three various gameplay modes set in five different worlds, each featuring three tracks. Unlock new cars with new sets of visual upgrades (paints, patterns etc.).

Challenge other players in the multiplayer mode which lets you compete both online and offline thanks to the split-screen mode. Invite your friends for a breathtaking tournament! Race to the top of the worldwide rankings and earn special awards!

Mind-blowing visual fidelity

Compete in five beautifully designed sci-fi worlds, each offering three different dynamic courses. Enjoy the stunning 3D graphics, powered by Unity Engine. Feel the unique atmosphere thanks to the original soundtrack with 12 songs which will enhance your experience.

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