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A Healer Only Lives Twice Steam Key GLOBAL

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This is a command-select strategy game. Quickly choose the skill you need in order to revive your ally’s HP, raise the effectiveness of their abilities, and dictate the flow of battle in real time. 

Another important role is advising your ally which opponent they should attack next. 

Gather items and resources for crafting. Level up to become stronger, as you fight your way through increasingly strong monster tiers. Some monsters will surprise you with their bizarre attacks! 

However, you do not have time to defeat all your enemies. There is only a limited number of torches for lighting up the dungeon, and you must make your way to the next tier before they burn out. A red ball item which can be found at each tier will help you save time. When you use it, the Knight will unleash a single, powerful attack which will take care of all remaining enemies! Only, enemies defeated with this attack will not relinquish any items or experience points. It takes more than a day to become a professional Knight or Priest, after all. 

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